Tuesday, 12 July 2016

STM - 23rd Entry....!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Well, I am moving ahead with the 23rd Entry....!

When I have indicated big move is on cards... Suddenly we have seen 8500 ...!
Whether UP or DOWN we just need a swing...!

Now 8580 - 8670 will act as key level to watch...!
But, keep in mind always the Cracker part...... 

22nd - PUT option balance is still un-touched...! So, the amount sold on CALL option, is kept as it is , for back up now...! You need not to get confused.... just stay clam... till I send you the report card.

I am making the fresh entry for Rs. 12022.75 only, which we kept as back up for 22nd position...!

Find given below the report card....... for your reference time being




  1. Rishi Anna, Nice to see a new position after long time and felt very happy after seeing photos of function.
    Also got new friends from different areas after attending the function .
    Thanks for making the day very memorable.

  2. குருவின் வழியே.....

    ஓம் சிவ சிவ ஓம்.....

  3. Good combination Sir!!! Hope this will be a Master blaster from our new office!!!

  4. Praying to HIS BLESSING for shower us- 22nd & 23rd exit.