Friday, 8 July 2016

Open invitation for 10th July, inaugural function... & few more info to our group members !

Dear Friends, Very good morning

I am back at Ranipet & try to become in relax mood after few marathon tasks for the last minute formalities & for the Inaugural function on 10th July, Sunday.....! As the office furnishing is still not completed, still under bit pressure...!  Even if fully not furnished, decided to go for the official / formal inauguration on this auspicious day....  !  

All of you are most welcome...!  I will be happy if you can make your presence.
I may not able to devote time fully / exclusively till first half of the day......!
It will be a very simple function, with Homam and Pooja,....  


Timings : Morning 10.00 A.M to 10.30 A.M. Homam starts from 9.00 A.M. onwards

Keep on saying .. our office.. our office.... What is the name ?
Let it be a suspense ....! Till Sunday...! I will upload with the inaugural functions' photos on Sunday...! 

So, by chance if you can't make it on this day - nothing to worry....! 
When we go for the first corporate company inaugural function, I will compulsorily require all of your presence to come and grace the function... Its our company....! 

Trying my best for 11th October..... VIJAYA DHASAMI day.... ! One / Two companies will be definitely on this day & all other sectors by Thai month..... (Jan-Feb)....!

For any personal consultation :  You can check up my availability & fix an appointment for any Saturday / Sunday till August ....
& After August, on weekdays - After 3.30 to 5.30 P.M. No problem...!

Our office is just beside Bharatinagar Bus stop , Just on the main road towards  SIPCOT, Near to our office, We have Union Bank of India/ Petrol bunk....  Our complex itself is having lodging facilities with good decent room from Rs. 700 to 1000 range  & Two big star hotel type restaurants MGM - PRIDE /  in just 2 minutes walkable distance from our office..... So, for any purpose, if persons coming from far-away distance, need not to worry.... 

Nearest Railway station - KATPADI ( 18 kms )  + Mukundarayapuram / Walajha road - local stations approx 5 kms distance.

A happy news is that we are going to have FOUR client meetings continuously in our new office -  On Sunday 2nd half  itself. A group of members from Kovai / Salem & local Vellore team. All are new members & big investments ... 
So, gearing up from taxi mode to take off... with all HIS blessings &  like all your friends support and prayers....!

Whoever has asked for more details on new investment, will reply to u in the next week.... for small queries, you can whatsapp me to 9629047748.
While sending message, please mention your name / town in the message. Not yet stored many numbers in that mobile. will be easy for quick addition.

For detailed queries write to


Our New SIP 1617 programme ... don't know where it will  reach ... already new members enrolment are pouring in. 
Very casually 20 members, 50 members like that being introduced from some of our long term associated members... Never thought of this much response...! 
Referral scheme is going to fetch up a hefty returns for those members....!

For 10 days efforts , which can yield an assured 4 to 5 Lacs income, is tremendous...! Extra ordinary rapport / convincing capacity...! I am amazed !


So, if you are willing to enrol, rush up...! We are starting from July 25th......
So, decide your date and remit monthly on the dates for the next 12 months.....!

For our new SIP - There won't be any inclusion, after July 25th....!


While checking the balance and all other transactions , I am sending the pending transfers + also other withdrawals +  AT and special batches... It is getting delayed a bit, but this will be a clear cut record for the future continuation...! I am doing it on a sequel..! but in case of any real emergency, message me, to advance it... otherwise it should happen today / tomorrow for most of you... some bigger amounts by Tuesday..... but all are being done after discussion / mail confirmation....! 
So, just keep your patience for couple more days please....!


NIFTY is all set for a big move.... in another 2 / 3 sessions....!
So, Let us get ready for this golden opportunity....! 
Waiting for the major trigger range in 8400-8500 for the big hit...! 
If 8208 is broken the disaster is on cards....! Wherever it goes, we need movement..... that is enough for us our simple strategy...!

steve jobs on simplicity quote 20 Most Inspirational Quotes by Steve Jobs

Quote was made by Steve Jobs....  Hope you won't ask who is Steve?

Catch you all soon with more updates on Sunday evening....!

With kind regards,


steve jobs follow your heart quote 20 Most Inspirational Quotes by Steve Jobs


  1. Rishi Sir thanks for the office set up update. Guessing our office name.....I am waiting... Will meet in office during vacation trip.

  2. Thanks for the detailed update Rishi Sir.
    Best wishes for all your endeavors.

  3. Thank you very much sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  4. Rishi Anna, Guru or Maharishi will be there in our company name i think..!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank You For Your Information Sir.May God Bless You(US) Sir.

  6. Thanks for the invite of inaugural function..


    ஓம் சிவ சிவ ஓம்.......

  7. Thanks for the update sir.
    My best wishes for the inaugural function
    Kind Regards

  8. Starting up to build a new office is really uneasy task but, because of your self-discipline and self-dedication in years of your service, you have now successfully opened a new office for more business success. Congratulations! We pray to Our GOD for the Wellness and ultimate growth of our Office. After completing the formalities, Please come to Our Courtallam Season for just a relax. We welcome you Sir with your family. Pls come sir.
    Ramprakaash, & Rohini Ramprakaash, Tenkasi.

  9. Thanks for the update sir and my best wishes for the inaugural function:)
    Kind Regards

  10. Is anyone travelling from chennai for this event. I just want to accompany with you. Pls inform..

  11. Congragulations.............Best of luck!!!!!

  12. Dear Sir, We are very happy to get open invitation for the inauguration. For sure we will make our presence because this is 'OUR COMPANY'. so happy to be associated for the long run.

  13. Congrats sir... for the inauguration of our office. Praying for best future.

  14. Dear Rishi..
    Thanks for the update & Inagural function invitation.
    Congrats and All the Best Sir
    ct lakshmanan

  15. CONGRADULATIONS...........Steping First Successful Mile Stone......& will Reach Galaxy Way by GODS GRACE(Annamalaiyar Unnamulai Ammai)thro GULA DEIVAM.

  16. all is well sir go head keep moving keeping on moving this is HIM blessing vazthukkal guru ji

  17. We are Proud to say "OUR OFFICE"
    Thanks and Best Wishes....!

  18. Thank you Rishi for your invitation....congrats and all the best.

  19. Thank you for the Information & Invitation. Advanced congratulation for the new office inauguration. Our projects will grow up with world wide.

  20. Congratulations, Best of Luck in all your future ventures.

  21. Great Rishi Ji... All the best.. Let DIVINE guide us towards a humongous success...

  22. Congratulations Sir :-)
    As usual in your style “You name it, I do it” with his Blessings.
    Soft Speech clean heart,
    peaceful eyes, strength full hands,
    focused mind and determined decision with God's Love.
    Always makes you winner.

  23. Everything is possible in this world. You deserved it sir. Thank you for your open invitation for our office inauguration. My best wishes will ever follows you for all your activities. Everything will move smooth.

  24. Dear Friends,

    Copy the below link in your browser it will take you to the location of Our office at Ranipet and get directions from your required locations.,79.3206656,19.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3bad358ee3ecc4db:0xa802663e507a41cd!8m2!3d12.9460894!4d79.3204354?hl=en

  25. congradulations sir, thanks for your detailed update, i try to come to office inaguration,

  26. Great Rishi Sir.... very happy to read...... congrats..... thank u for the invitation.... and we will pray from here on sunday..and please post function photos.. awaiting for it... and guessing our office name also.... please intimate... no more waiting please boss...1.Mahadev Corporate Company, 2.Arunachaleswar Brokerage Corporation, 3.Rishi Consultation, 4.Annamalai Groups of companies, 5.????????..

  27. Aum sir

    Congratulation and feel happy for our office opening

    We pray Annanamalaiyar be with us in every steps

    I am unable to attend this function due to I have planned girivalam at Annanamalaiyar, now I will be special girivalam for me

    Thank you, we will meet after

    Thiruannamalaiyare pottri pottri

  28. Congrats....g All the very best ..... g

  29. Heartiest congratulations..... Everything on his grace. Happy to travel with you in this journey sir...

  30. Congratulations Rishi sir. Hope the programme and the grand opening ceremony went on successful today.

    My hearty wishes for the continuous success in this journey.

    We are very proud that we are holding right hands.

    Let HIS blessings shower on us as always.!!! Jothimani G, Singapore

  31. Congratulations Rishi Sir. Thanks for your invite.
    All the best.

  32. Dear Rishi Sir hope that office inauguration done. Eagerly waiting for our office name and photos.

  33. Congratulation and my best wishes

  34. Sir, By the grace of God and your restless efforts given a fruit. This is great achievement.May our company grow greater height and his blessings will continue on you.

  35. வாழ்த்துக்கள் அண்ணா திரு அண்ணாமலையானுக்கு அரோகரா

  36. Congratulations Rishi sir. Success will be everywhere in your way