Monday, 29 August 2016

Nifty's trend (29th Aug,2016)

Dear Friends, Good morning

It is almost for a full month NIFTY is making the move with in a very narrow range of 8520 to 8730...! Though the signal was showing the range of in and around 8666 for a while, It was beyond any one expectation that it could be for these many sessions...!
Well, it a lesson & we need to move ahead...! 

As one of our friends rightly said, exactly when NIFTY was touching the peak of 9119 , it was just made within 5 sessions, from the range of 8650-8700 level...! So, there could be a replica for this time also........ even if it is not made immediately , it can be sooner...!

Well, as I have indicated earlier , as long as 8521 is intact, there will be again a bounce back...!

OK, if it is broken we have a multiple support level at 8485 and if it is broken, there could be a downfall till 8330-8280 & again there will be a pull back towards 8485 .....!


Finally, after a long range bound movement, NIFTY is set for a heavy - uni directional move, those who have kept patience , will get highly rewarded...!

Let us wait for the golden moment, which can immediately set right the recent set back......!

Have a great day...!

With kind regards,


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  1. Thanks for the update ....sir...

    Om siva siva om....

  2. Thanks for the nifty update and the positive words Rishi Sir.

  3. Thank you so much Rishi sir for nifty updates!!!!

  4. Thanks for the update sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  5. வணக்கம் அய்யா நல்லது

  6. Dear Rishi sir looking for single direction move to come out our STM entries. It looks In red side. Red or green we need movement.வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  7. we will wait.Good things come to those who wait.

  8. Respected sir,

    Thank you very much for your advise on Nifty trend. As you told 8521 is not broken there will be a chance to bonce back to new high. Today(30-09-2016) it is happening and now Nifty is 8678.

    with kind regards,

    Visvanathan N

  9. Nifty zooms to 8740 ad you told.
    Congratulations ji