Tuesday, 16 August 2016

STM - 25th Entry...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

We have completed "Pavitrotsavam" yesterday night - Function went on extremely well...! Needless to mention, it was one of the life time achievements & more than that  I personally feel, It is a great beginning for SAKRUTAYA just before Aavani Avittam ( 18th August,2016) .....!  

When we aim for a himalayan task, it will be cool to travel along with Almighty's blessings...! I am sure , we have at every steps....!
Will write you a detailed post and photos.... in www.sakrutaya.com
Did you notice , we have registered the web address?
It will be a full fledged web - as the domain name is registered, I started with blog.... needs to give full links for our main and supporting companies.....


For STM - 25th Entry - with the reserved funds, ( 40% = 9611.26 ) I have entered on PUT option - SEP 8500 PE - for the last 3 sessions, we have entered slowly on raise , partially - and today completed the buying.....
8700 CALL option was sold partially at 130+ range, but not completed.....!
While sending the report card, I will inform you the full details....!

Average made for Rs. 77.00  ( Now it is being traded  82+ when NIFTY is 8670+ range...!

Thought of having a back up for our AUG - CALL option...!
Overall , NIFTY is showing a week positive signal  ( 8787 range ) & after a minor correction, again a strong bounce back towards 9000+ zone ...!

So, As per the current signals, if 8573 is broken, the correction can go up to 8485 level... from there a strong bounce back can happen...! You can align your positions accordingly please....!

Have a nice day...!

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  1. Thanks for all uptate sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai.

  2. Thanks for the info... sir...

    Om siva siva om....

  3. Excellent Guru Wish you all the best.

  4. Thank you so much Rishi Sir for updates!!!

  5. Thanks Rishi Sir.It was a chance to my family to participate in the function. Ellam Avan seyal...As your indicators we need to prepare for down day's..

  6. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir.

  7. Good to hear GREAT PAVITROTSAVAM for start of SAKRUTAYA GROUPS..........& valuable STM updates........tnx for your efforts.