Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Update on 5Y33K batch...& Message to our Group members...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

So, after a long time..... today I have booked the profit of 10% today on 5Y33K batch....! All the members are requested to note down the Entry date with today's date...!

I know, it is a long gap..... But, Without loosing much, I have managed to retain most of the capital, and finally we are back into the winning track......! If we get a real good opportunity , we will try for one more chance in this series....! Let's hope for the best....!


For STM - I hope, we can bring back today to the capital value of Rs. 24,000+ .....! I hope you all can understand , how bad it was due to very narrow NIFTY's width of last couple of series...! It necessitated a kind of real disaster management....! I am sure , we are quickly coming back on track....! Just away from one good session...! 

I thank all  for your support and confidence you shown on this tough time....! 

Also, my sincere thanks for the friends, opted for final settlement during this bad time....!  Genuine emergency is understandable....! But, there were some peculiar cases...! I fully agree that business is business, no room for sentiments...! So, No good or bad feeling, for the friends parting away...! OK... Past is past...! It was a lesson for me in many ways... ! 

This has also made me to decide on settling many accounts.  I do not want to face this kind of situation in future...! This has nothing to do with small investors / big investors...! It is only the confidence level...!
I will be happier to continue the journey only with those members, whom I feel, who are having 100% trust & they really deserve ..! 

Trading is like a battle...! There will be some rough batch when we aim for a long journey...It all depends how we manage the situation...!

Rather , I feel it is good for us to get rid of few members , at this foundation stage of SAKRUTAYA....! I am not assuring you that we will rule the market...! But for the next 25 years, we will be one of the major force!

There are still more than 500 members, who are waiting for my nod - to join with us...! I didn't want to enroll everyone - who come forward...! So far, I had a sympathy to stop inclusion into our batch, but now I feel, I am right. It is not that door is shut for new members - In future, any inclusion will be only with referrals of our existing members....!

There was also some comments - since I have grown up, not bothering much on the small investors & inducing them  to opt for final settlement....! If that was the case, I should have winded up those small investors, before 15 months back itself...! So, nothing like that....!


If everything goes smooth, we may be moving in the wrong track...right..?
There were some good lessons also.....! I have once again got an opportunity  to refresh my every understanding on technical analysis....! It was a great feeling....!


For SAKRUTAYA - there are still some vacant spots for our 200 Numbers....! 
For some of the members, I myself made entry.... but still there is a gap...! 
If any one is coming forward, before we freeze the members , you are welcome...! Otherwise, I am moving forward with the list....! 
For the directors' inclusion - most likely by 10th Sep - I am concluding the list.... we need to obtain Digital signature & DIN ......!  Let's see , how quickly we align and move further....!

Bye for now & will catch you soon......!

With kind regards,


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  1. Great news for a very Good morning Rishi Sir :)
    Thanks for all the info and update. We are always with you.

  2. Great! Great!! Thank you so much rishi sir for updates and information and sharing with us your feeling in one of the bad situation in our journey!! we will always support you sir as long as whatever in happen our journey up/down not a problem !!!!

  3. Thanks for the updtate ....sir....

    Om siva siva om.....

  4. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir. Looking forward to hear Dheepam update. Elephant started to move..வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  5. ஒல்வ தறிவது அறிந்ததன் கண்தங்கிச்
    செல்வார்க்குச் செல்லாதது இல்------
    -------------------------------------தம்மால் செய்யமுடியும் செயலையும் அதைச் செய்வதற்கு ஏற்ற ஆற்றலையும் அறிந்து அதையே மனத்துள் சிந்தித்துச் செயலாற்றுவார்க்கு, முடியாதது ஒன்றும் இல்லை.
    வெற்றி வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  6. We are progressing Good!
    Rough time was well managed and we are back on Track. We always have the trust in Rishi and Sakrutaya.

  7. Great News Jii. Hope with HIS blessings you will make us financiall well in the future. Yes market will teach us the lesson always, we should be very careful. Thanks for making us to understand the situation well mannered and your professional touch will bring a glory to Sakrutaya.

  8. Thank you Very much Ji, its very well Managed in your style...