Wednesday, 21 September 2016

FAQ - SAKRUTAYA - Message to All friends... & Nifty's trend ...!

Dear Friends, Good morning....

Well, it was once again an unbelievable magic of 8778...!  
For the last 3 / 4 days ----whenever we see,  NIFTY was just revolving around this pivot level...!

This is once again a clear indication of a big move of 200+ is on cards, at the earliest, on either direction.  So, do not get surprises....!
The range is aligned to 8577 on lower level & 9019 on upper level...!!!

If movement is on upper side - it will be relatively slower , at every possible resistance, there could be profit booking....! On the flip side, if 8756 is broken, there could be down slide , very faster way...!


On STM - after so many short duration entries, in the last 2 weeks,  I have recovered the position back to Rs. 24,000/- level & most likely crossing 25K in this week....! Just wait for a while - for more updates....

The last 10+ days movement was extremely good...! If the set back was not happened in August, this would have been the most glorious moment...! It has been a full recovery now from the massive hit & now the momentum is picking up...!  Sending all the pending remittances including September Dheepam batch. Request not to send reminders till Monday please.... If you still not received upto Monday, you can contact me please...!


Over to our Biggie.... SAKRUTAYA....!


For SAKRUTAYA investors - Whoever sending the payments of Rs. 5,000/- or in multiples, please mention the remittance Reference , without fail...!

There are so many identical remittances,..... of Rs. 5,000/- & Rs. 10,000/- So, I will definitely need Cross ref ...plz...., to verify and send Acknowledgements.

There were some common queries / FAQs , which I thought I will clarify to every one...!

Things are moving rapid fast... It is more than my expected pace...! Great ...! 
I am overwhelmed on the response...! 
I am really thrilled on the shaping up process....!  
Let's see how quick we can close the entries....! This is for share holders only...! 

Investors can continue investments afterwards also.... but interest rate may come down later...It may not be the same as 7% per month.... Once we reach the desired level, it will be reduced heavily...! Under any circumstances , this will not be more than this level...! So, it is a kind of Early bird scheme...!

Now, the funds are being collected in my Account - with the received funds - we are compiling the list & applying for Corporate registration...with RBI & SEBI clearance.!  Directors finalisation is also will be done simultaneously..! If the entries closed earlier than Sep 30th, still we can move faster it seems...!

After this only, we can open the account in our company name...! Also, I have planning to obtain an exclusive membership from NSE also...after a couple of months. For all our existing scheme of 5Y33K / DHEEPAM / SURAKSHA will also be - migrated into one by one into Corporate account..... but all as per the current agreed % of appropriate time....!

Once the company is registered, There will be treasurer , accounts team , internal audit and a full team including Company secretary to handle statutory requirements and other corporate affairs activities....! 

So, It will be a big relief for me & I can concentrate only on Market / Technical & Revenue generation part only...!

All the share holders will be issued the share certificate.
Whenever you want to surrender later, any of the members / company can buy back this.

For me also, there are lot of learning process on Company formation.... Its just lovely..!

For all of you friends, have a strong belief that we are all getting united with HIS blessings...!

Please feel free to contact me for any queries...!

With kind regards,



  1. Thank you so much Rishi Sir for information and all updates!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update and information sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  3. Thanks for the detailed updates...

    Om siva siva Om....

  4. Thank you for the elaborate explanation Rishi Sir :)

  5. Rishi Anna,Pls release the lock from 8778!!!!!!!!!.Regards,Raghu


  7. How is it? today also 8777 Ellam Avan sayal.. Rishi Sir thanks for the update..

  8. Respected sir,

    Thank q for your message on SAKRUTAYA AND NIFTY trend. Becoming a member of NSE is a good news and it is useful for us to avoid commn to brokers on our business.

    with kind regards,

    Visvanathan N