Friday, 9 September 2016

Hip...hip...hurray..! Final Call for the Shareholder's chance in SAKRUTAYA ...!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Today, we are in 9th September....! Sometimes people use to spread some messages that this day is very special, this..../ that.....! Today is Friday, you will get only once in a week... blah....blah...!
But, literally, today is going to be soooo, special that it will be once in a life time....! Uffff... What a relief  Sirji....!

If you noticed my yearly schedule - I was supposed to be on personal holiday...! But, co-incidentally, Today it has become much more extreme special day...!

You know, why...?  It may look silly.... but for the one who got literally screwed up for the last 7 months time, will love to celebrate this day at the most....!  Survival of the fittest...!

Ok, No suspense - Remember, Few weeks back - I mentioned about MARS + SATURN impact , sitting in the same house , from last February...! Today, MARS is leaving from Scorpio to Dhanusu ...! 
Ufff.....!  at 13:12 P.M today........!

Might have screamed at full throat .... "Oh... God...Why it is only to me....???" - HE also knows that only good people will feel the pain in distress...! For others, there will be different kind of punishment, in HIS own method...! 

So, Let's thank God... HE is looking after us even for punishing for something...!


I have been waiting for this day..... to speed up all our Company formation activities....!  The Gates are opened now...! Now, it will be at it's best speed...! 

In my previous mail, I have mentioned about that I am freezing the list by September 10th....!

So, actively - we have just two days left.... Today & tomorrow.....!
If any one is interested to join a share holder - you may rush up & act immediately..! Don't blame yourself later......!  I wish you see this message in time, by tomorrow....!(10th Sep,2016)

For those who have already mailed, have been considered and included in the list....! Once the list is finalised, I am moving ahead for the director's finalisation - which will be completed & personally informed to you by 15th Sep.....& By 25th we are filing with all the required formalities....!

Happy news is " We are forming the company - with the paid up capital of a decent figure of  200.0+ Lacs .... This is not because of our wish, It is insisted by SEBI & RBI for the new financial services company, being formed similar to our scale....!  Though , there could be accommodation of 400 members with Rs. 50,000/- each, I am restricting with ONLY 200 Members - First cum First Served basis....! If it is less, absolutely fine for I can bring in some more from my side....!

Once , it is registered there could be activities related to brand building and other supporting functions...! We are never going to talk about , our Investment company related services to the public..! It will be through our reliable services rendered from our associated companies.... will make them to approach us voluntarily...!
Because, investment is such a thing , if you approach them - no one will come forward....! The starting moment has to be from other side...!

A part of the excess profit is going to be used for our Associated companies functions - which will operate on a No loss / No profit for quiet some time....! And also , from my personal part there is going to be a considerable contribution for " Needy children's education & Ancient Temple renovation.
If you come across any such requests, you may please contact me thru mail / Whatsapp me ...! ( Editor @ )   / Mobile : 9629047748 ....!  )

Please use only this telephone number for your future communication....! The earlier number which some of you have is my office no. which will be surrendered very soon. ...../ sometimes it will be with my office colleagues...! You can just erase it...! 
Planning to get one Jio ( !!! ) connection... Will share you the number later...!

Request you to avoid calling me at Red hot market hours strictly.... 
Morning : 9.10 A.M to 9.40 A.M. & Evening 3.00 P.M to 3.35 P.M ..... 
I will not attend calls during this time....! Unless it is urgent, call me only after 3.45 P.M to 7.00 P.M - on Market days...!

For any payment remittance follow up - please sms / mail / Whatsapp so that it will be easy for me to forward & close the task in a faster way....! Now, pending transfers will be at the fullest speed & will stick on to the commitment dates....! Thank you all for the trust and confidence you had with me, on this best (!) period...! It is shrugged off nicely & we are into our mission target back...!


For NIFTY - It is showing the pivot at 8951..... ! I wish it should not be a like one more 8666...!
It may be a in a bloody range bound of 8870 to 9040 for a while...!
 But even if it happens, I am prepared for a smooth drive...! 
(Lessons Boss....! A huge costly lessons..... can't forget just like that....! )

It will be a golden jackpot, if it happens this time.....!

As long as 8710 is intact, there is a chance for furious come back at any moment...!


For Director's role :

From the short listed one, I will ask for  " PAN card zerox , Residence proof - preferably Passport / Adhaar card copy / Pass port size photos 3 Nos ....!  You may have to sign on few application forms of DIN & digital signature.....! Either in person / I will send thru courier.....!

I also need your horoscope copy !   ( Crazy...? )
Of course Nature / Fate / God will be the final authority to decide on the end results.... but I would like to have a filter on this ...! someone may not believe it , But I believe...! 
Concisely, Its my style...!


So, for Share holders enrollment - It is the last moment to respond....! Act swiftly if you wish.....! For more details, please refer my earlier posts....!


Wish you all good luck...! will catch you soon....!


I would like to recall the beautiful phrase once again...!

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  1. Thanks for the info ....sir

    Om siva siva om....

  2. Thank you so much Rishi Sir for all information and Updates!!!

  3. Hip...hip...hurray..! Not sure about others experience, it's very true in my case, last 8 months life is literally screwed with so much steps taken, we feel like in same negative zone ... Somehow managed to survive with God's grace..

    Now We are also equally excited sir, this update itself shows your positive attitude. We are happy too to travel along with you And God...

  4. Thank you rishiji for updates.

  5. Great to see the happy update Rishi Sir :)

  6. Excited on Sakrutaya Launch and Operational, Bull run Market, Great recovery and Progress of investments.
    Good Luck and Best wishes to all.

  7. Very happy to know sir personally feeling well today. Praying for all victory. ....Thanks

  8. Good to know you're coming out from bad times. Planets combination are very effective good and bad times. You have given us so many blogs about it. வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  9. Great to hear sir.....God bless is there for you always.....This is going to be exciting journey for next 25 years.....

  10. Congratulations ji!
    Our company will be a land mark for others who really interested to impart good to the society.

    Yes ji, I am joining my hand with you and believe that you are holding mine.

  11. great news for us and congrats for the formation of the company. happy to see you in good mood again.

  12. Respected sir,

    Thank q very much for your message on New formation of our company. Further Nifty trend for future period. I am supporting to grow the company to the Highest level for the members growth.

    with kind regards,

    Visvanathan N

  13. Yes ji, I am joining my hand with you and believe that you are holding me. am always with YOU and HIM