Friday, 16 September 2016

Power of Technical chart.....!

Dear Friends, Good morning

Please refer our earlier prediction on Nifty's trend...!

I have been mentioning about 8710 , as long as it is intact, it can come back furiously...!

In the last two sessions, I was quoting the point of 8778.... will be the level to watch out...!


When I am writing this post..... NIFTY is at 8837.50 ....!
Today's low made so far 8780.25   & High made was 8847.65...!
Based on the price actions, in the last couple of days - There could be a big movement .....!

As per the indicators , The overall range is aligned to 8520 to 8951 once again... with the interim base range at 8778...!

Surprisingly - my indicators are showing -once again the deep red ..... & absolutely amusing signal...!

But, better to go on both sides cautiously....!

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Nifty's trend - 14th Sep,2016

Dear Friends, Good morning

We are going to have another couple of sessions , purely based on the global pressure & likely to get less support from Technical indicators....

In a narrow range, NIFTY has to withstand / consolidate above 8778 , to continue the bull run...!
Else, there will be a quick fall towards 8650 & then to our previous level of 8521.....!

As per our indicators level - still it is showing as long as 8521 is intact, it can make the come back once again towards 8951...!

Monday, 12 September 2016

NIFTY's trend (12th Sep,2016)

Dear Friends, Good morning

Well, there was a cracker today.....! In my last mail, I have hinted about 8710.... might have looked like...we were nowhere near to that level, when NIFTY was in and around 8900 level and aiming for All time high...!  
I have told that as long as 8710 is intact, it can bounce back...!

Now , from a sky high - it has slipped about 150 points & touched 8700 and holding above 8730 at this moment...!

If you ask me, it is in a crucial stage now... It has equal chances of sliding towards 8520..... & coming back to break all time high (or) Now itself , it can go back to 8951 zone...!

To put it simply , On a day closing, if 8778 is made , remember that we are once again moving towards 8951+ zone....! Else, there could be a slide towards 8520....!



  1. Thanks for the update and info....

    Om siva siva om....

  2. Hi Sir, once again HIS blessings...

    Great to see the predictions matching with market movement!! This shows that we are back in the momentum to move firmly and steadily.. waiting for the update on other things like director finalization and other scheme updates...

  3. thank you for your information sir

  4. Amazing Prediction, yet cautious move!.
    Appreciating the your control on the temptation.

  5. Very accurate prediction Rishi Sir :)

  6. Rishi, deep red in the afternoon session. Nifty erased all the morning gains in the afternoon!!

  7. with the interim base range at 8778...!closing.... Ufffff... Hats off

  8. See our magician view on last three days with today's closing 8778 - 8779... தலைவா... U r great...

  9. Thanks for the information sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Sengurichi.