Monday, 19 September 2016

SAKRUTAYA - INR 5,000/- To become share holders...... Open Invitation....!

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Dear Friends, Good afternoon

After a series of discussions with my Auditor, now there is a big amendment ...!
Also, I feel this will be a perfect solution for small investors.....

Decided to include more members - as much as possible - with the minimum initial investment to become share holders , as Rs. 5,000/- only.......!

Now it is opened up in a bigger way - there could be a chance for even 5000+ members also.....!

Requesting our existing members also that you can refer it to your friends / relatives - Each of lone term members to refer a minimum of  5 members & also if possible.... and you can ask the new member also to refer one or two new members.....! You can share it in Whatsapp / Facebook , by all means so that information reaches to many as much as possible...

Required mandatory details will be :

1) PAN CARD Number - Scanned copy
2) Any one valid Address proof : Passport / ADHAAR / Ration card / Voter ID - scanned copy , to be sent thru E-mail.
3) Contact telephone no.
4) Initial investment amount : Rs. 5,000/- ( Per share )
    After remitting the amount along with the remittance reference, mail me to 
5) Maximum amount ceiling is Rs. 10,00,000/- ( Per person , i.e. 200 Shares ) 
For bigger amounts, you may be required to provide source of income...
6) Your bank account no. and IFSC code

Last date for investment : 30th September 2016 (or) the cut off of 5000 members (or) If INR 2.50 Crores is reached...... (Whichever occurs earlier)

With all the above information,  We are starting the Public Limited Company formation in first week of October.....! After Public Ltd is formed, you will be issued with Share Certificate and all other terms will be as per RBI / SEBI guidelines......

For Directors - finalisation, I will send the detailed mail to the individuals separately....


For those, who have already joined with Rs. 50,000/- or more - will be allotted as per the invested amount  / 5000 as no. of shares ..... no issue.


Those who are sending the amount afresh are required to use the following new account.... Specifically opened this account only for this purpose.....

NAME                                   : M.GURUGOVINDAN
SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT NO : 1012104000080787
BANK NAME                          :  IDBI BANK
BRANCH                               : RANIPET
IFSC CODE                           :  IBKL0001012


For all the shareholders, my personal assurance is within 3rd / 4th Quarter - we will ensure that your invested amount is returned to you as dividends - and - it will be Profits and profits...thereafter.....!  We can aim for anything above 5% ===> 7 to 10% Average every month...! I hope everyone is aware of how much we can make with the kind of STM sort of safe and secured trading.

You can consider as a "MONEY PLANT " & will become a big money tree in the future...!

New members may visit our 
for more details......!

This will be your best investment amount & this 5K will be a big support to you through out your life....!

So, It will be a great - dare to miss opportunity ....! To avoid last minute disappointment, you can act as quick as possible please....!

With kind regards,

Rishi(WhatsApp / Mobile : 96290 47748)


  1. Thanks for the information sir,

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai.


  3. Great decision to benefit more needy people Rishi Sir :)

  4. Great news..... So so happy to journey with u.... Great....

  5. Great sir!!! Very happy to see the improvements. I have informed to my circles, Hope many people will join. Some of them were not having PAN card, so kindly clarify.

  6. Thank you for making us join in the journey along with you. Happiee......