Sunday, 25 September 2016

Urgent & Important information to all our group members

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

Till we complete the Company registration formalities, As I feel there are some posts and articles can lead to some clauses violation as per RBI / SEBI, I do not want to leave a bit of information - Safe side, I am removing all the posts .... to recheck and publish later if required......! From all our blogs...!

For STM updation, there will be some continuous information / updation - which all of our group members only can understand.... or we will revert back to mail communications mode, only for the STM members...We are already back into 24K unit price already and in this week there will be a decent jump....

I am freezing the share holders list by Wednesday....! 
Removed those information also, on a precautionary note...!

I am sure , those who deserve really & blessed by HIM must have already received the required information and might have organised the things already....! Please be reminded that there are still one or two days left....

If you want to introduce some of your friends / relatives, you may talk to them & if possible try to avoid Whatsapp  / FB sharing also of my previous post.....   Dont worry much if it was already done... not an issue.....

I am not bothered much on the number of members , if we do not receive enough in case. Though it has some plus points on IT point of view, I don't want to delay it for any reasons.... no mess up... nothing.....
If required, there can be a name change also ......

I am putting all my efforts and focusing on Registration formalities as No.1 priority....!  
( ......Literally getting mad....... really do not find any change in Start ups / Make in India , as for as this segment....! Just terrible...! Indirectly , make someone to get frustrated and give up..The same old blah blah systems.!

Anyway, it's part of business... Let's  freeze the list and move on to our mission with legalised processes...! No change in any of our policy schemes / committed %age...It is being continued as it is & slowly this will get shifted into new company accounts one by one....!
======================================== This post also will be removed after few days.....!

Lets continue with only on Nifty's trend message.... & other  motivational / self development articles....!

For any clarifications , please mail me.....!

With kind regards,



  1. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir :)

  2. இறைவனனின் அருளுள் எல்லாம் நல்ல முறையில் நடக்கும்......

    ஓம் சிவ சிவ ஓம்....

  3. thank you for your information sir