Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Important info & Nifty's trend (19th Oct,2016 )

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Dear Friends, Good morning

On seeing NIFTY's movement yesterday, I am sure you might have felt a kind of thriller movie experience...! 

Once again based on technical indicators' signal , NIFTY jumped to 150 + points by taking the 8520 zone support....! 
Leaving 8440 this time too & keeping us in suspense, whether it will move on to 9000+ zone or once again will prove his love towards 8440-8520 zone...!
But.....??? Has it given up completely.....! The whole world is expecting 9000 now!  Can it be a foul play...? Any mysterious movement is awaited....? 

Theoretically, based on our 8777-8786 pivot, Now it has corrected upto 8520 to 8506 - an approx 250 points... which indicates the range is still intact upto 8521 to 9056 zone.....!!! 

But, I would like to share one more - indicator - oscillation point , comes once in a blue moon ....! 
Do not ask , how it works  - at this moment we call it as fluke...!

It is hitting very strongly at 8111 on lower side ... & 9454 on higher side, to be precise....! 

Let's wait and watch for the magical moment....! It will be interesting if it happens quickly may be by Mid November series....! or will be spicy if it turns out to be a Jackpot Deepavali...! Huge expectations.... ! Wait and watch...!   

மகிழ்ச்சி ....! 

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With kind regards,



  1. Thanks for the update...

    Om siva siva Om...

  2. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir :)

  3. Om SivaSakthi Om.Thanks for the Update Sir.We were Very Happy and Relaxed after Reading This Message Sir.

  4. Tanks for the information sir.

    Venugopal Marimuthu Mumbai 400088.

  5. Blue moon theory... Will it be green or red??? Wish to happen for Dewali so that our team will celebrate with more crackers... Thanks Rishi Sir for the update.வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  6. thanks sir for all your effort,
    We are always in HIS blessings