Friday, 7 October 2016

NIFTY's trend (7th Oct,2016) - Likely to bounce back...!

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Well ! Once again we have witnessed the power of our indicators signal 8730 to 8780 range...!
Surprising once again...!!! 

The way it got retraced at this zone , indicates the next rally is about to begin ...! very soon....! Remember the rally of 7777 to 8666...!??? 

We may get something similar to that .... I am sensing the strong pivot made at 8778 zone.... for our easy remembrance we take it as 786 magic... So, we take 8786 is our new pivot...! Expecting a 500 points swing based on this pivot....! So, let's get prepared for the range of 8300 to 9300 zone.....!

The overall width is now aligned to 7777 on lower side & a vow ..vow...10,000 on higher side..........)

As per my indicators, signals are showing once again a deep green this time...!
Nifty is almost bottomed out - now it is showing 8680 range , at the most it is likely to get bounced back from this zone of 8660 to 8680 range.... our immediate target will be 8750 to 8780 range & all the way it is going towards 8862 ....!

Mid term position is aligned to 8521 on the lower range - still intact & 8860 to 8909 on the higher side...!

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  2. Dear sir,

    Thanks for the information sir.

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  3. Dear Rishi Sir deep green will follow after testing 8521 near term more chances for red.Eagerly waiting for share holders and directors update...