Sunday, 13 November 2016

An urgent request.... Appeal.... or whatever you call.....!!!

Dear Friends, Good Evening.....!!!!

When we started our trading group , almost three years back, I never thought that we would reach into this big level.... but believe me, we are the biggest united.... ultimate group....!!!

United on what.... right from the street vendor to VIP persons who participated in bank conference after this big announcement....... from the lowest to the topper level of hierarchy....
Well... leave all these things.... right now.... its time for action.....!!!!

I was so committed and successful for the last 2 and half years... but for the last 6 months journey was not so peaceful.... you all know that..... but still survived for a simple reason to prove that our commitment, perseverance, HIS blessings .....   !!! It's the time to prove our integrity, belief, and our everything...!!!

We are united as a group only for few simple reasons - We are good, honest, god fearing,  caring about our family, nation, dreaming on our kids future ( not our future...) ....!!!!  Above all , we will never dare to betray others for our selfish survival........

Whether you admit or not, I am sure that whoever is into our group are blessed by HIM , the almighty lord Arunachaleswara... linked each other for some reasons.......only HE knows what is that....I already told on multiple occasions that whatever activity I am carrying on is only with HIS blessings.....     whether its trading /  predictions....... do you think I can be successful on every attempt only because of techincal expertise......!!!

Sorry for the interruption.....

When I posted a message few months back that there is some trouble ..... I was shocked  to receive some feed backs , from the guys who have been already benefited multiple times of their investment ......!!! Well, it's all lessons....!!! Let's come to the point....!!!


1) For few days - there is no possibility to do net transfers - as of now..... I am arranging all the dues / settlement or whatever amount you need - will be issued as cash at your destination if possible / here at Ranipet ....... please note that the current account what I am having is individual account.... If I have to do for all the 200+ investors, even it is a small amount, it will lead to a very big amount.  More than that I need to manage the present situation ----- tremendous time pressure.....! I hope you can understand the present situation......

2)  For few accounts , where only NEFT is possible, I will have to arrange thru any of business accounts only..... it will definitely take one or two months ..... But surely I will try to bring back into normal / regular mode  as quick as possible.....!!! For the persons manageable till Pongal time, it will be most welcome and can be a big relief for me....!!!

3) If there is any possibility , if you can come in person at Ranipet - by November end , it will be really helpful for me to discuss on few things...... Any Saturday / Sunday - any time, On week days after 6.00 P.M to 10.00 P.M. No prior appointment is required...... This is applicable to all the friends , readers circle...... This is not applicable for small investors - invested only few thousands or 1lac range..... / persons do not have PAN / old aged investors....  There is no compulsion.... if you are willing to come, you are most welcome.....!!!

3)  For all the investors - There is absolutely no need for panic , whatever amount is committed  - Percentage, It is there as it is.......... after few months settlement whatever we will do - will be thru proper channel..... so, be cool and relax...... be reminded on a fact that I will find out the best , possible solution to streamline everything , as quick as possible........!!! 

4) For STM - I am thinking to extend by one or two months.... till we get complete clarity.....I will keep you posted......!!!

5) For net transfers - It is not like that I am abruptly stopping completely.... I will try to use some other source / link to do for extreme emergency needs - Till I get clear signals from my bank..... Right now, it is advised to hold for a while...... 

Will try to catch you all in my next post..... Right now , I am ten times busy than previous, trying to utilise each any every possible opportunity........ It is the best , golden chance in my life time, till December ...... every hour is important at this moment.......& Will keep you posted & this magical moment experience will be shared in an appropriate time....!!!

With kind regards,




  1. Thank you so much rishi sir for your dedication updates!!!

  2. Thanks for the clear update Rishi Sir :)

  3. Thank you for updates. Don't worry. We are with you. Definitely with god grace the mision will be completed.

  4. Dear Rishi Sir, ad u said we are united and ultimate team.... So no need to give this much explanations... We do understand the situation now... HIS blessings is there... We will surely achieve our goals...... Thank u for alllllll

  5. Thanks for the update...

    Om siva siva Om.....

  6. Rishi Sir thanks for the message and update... This is the right opportunity god created for speedy Sakrutaya approval and functioning. We (true) members always with you. Our vision is long term & hope that by HIS blessing we will achieve it. வாழ்க வளமுடன்..

  7. thank you Rishi. We are with you as always.

  8. Super sir!!!!....Jai Shree Ram...Hara Hara Magadeva....

  9. Ok sir...we will be with you. I really want you to come out of this high pressure situation as quick as possible. we need to to settle lot of debts sir.

    we are praying every day for you and your success which is ultimately our success.

    Antha Arunachaleswarar Arul eppoluthum unkallukku kidaikka vendukirom...kudumbatthooduu....

  10. we will reach our Target with HIS Blessing's protected from Arunachaleswar Dream Big Opportunities Here Rishi ji

  11. எல்லாம் அவன் செயல்...

  12. Aum sir
    Thank you for your update

  13. Thanks for the updation... Just take care of yourself, then only you take care of our team members... We always with you... Moreover God!

  14. Thanks for the updation..just take care of yourself,then only youtake care of our team members...We always With you... Moreover God!

    yours truly


  15. Dear Rishi Sir,
    Good Evening. Please update about current market situation.
    Thank You.