Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Get ready for the flier....!!!!

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

I have informed that for our trading absolutely no problem...... I have come out of PUT when it touched 8400 , with a decent margin ..... after that not entered on PUT.... 
Frankly , I have also not anticipated this much correction.....!!! News & sentimental downfall...!!

Technically, the structure is aligned for a steep uptrend.....!!! Back to 8555 zone....! It can be very quickly after expiry...!!! Market just need a positive trigger.....!!! Let's hope for the best....!!!

Currently the trend is showing the level of 7960 to 8100 zone....!!! 

Have a safe trading on expiry on ... just keep quiet for a while and we can re-enter.....!!!

The last one week was in tremendous high pressure , due to so many activities..... had some other issues also - nothing serious and need not to worry....!!! Health is slightly down from yesterday....
Finding a solution to make online transfers from various other accounts.... it takes some time.....
Till we get complete clarity - do wan't to push the old style functioning and put me into trouble...!
The committed amount will reach you somehow..... please keep patience..... !!! Situation is not normal, I hope all of you can understand....!!!  But, please be informed , we are not at all  from the affected group , from the current turmoil on currency issue.... otherwise, benefited to some extent...!!!

So, cool..... !!! Have some patience till I get the full clarity / green signal from the bank side....!!!  It's matter of just few days time.....!!!


With kind regards,



  1. Thank you so much rishi sir for updates and information!!!! Take care your health first Sir!!!

  2. Thanks for the update...

    Om siva siva Om...

  3. Rishi Anna, Thanks for the info on Girivalam....Regards,Raghu

  4. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir.. Yes every body is waiting for the flier..Hope that it will happen after expiry...Good to hear about our group is safe.

  5. Thanks for the positive update Rishi Sir :)

  6. Thanks sir, thanks for girivalam date, time

  7. அனைத்தும் அவன் செயல்.

    வேணுகோபால் மாரிமுத்து மும்பை 400088.

  8. Sir, Kindly take care of your health, that is the foremost very important thing. In my last visit to our office, I saw you were working very hard without any break. Request you to, kindly take care and give enough time for food & sleep.

  9. 7960 exactly ... Great accuracy Rishi Sir :)

  10. Please take care of your health sir. All should be well by his grace.

  11. Sir... Exactly after Nov expiry... Nifty bouncing back!!!...Great!!

  12. Flier has come as expected..But yesterday expiry cased me some damage expected morning flier was true but pulled down below 8000.All the best Rishi Sir for DEC series..