Wednesday, 2 November 2016

NIFTY's trend (for 3rd Nov,2016) & Other info

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

Hope many of you have observed the importance of key levels with the recent movement trend in the last few sessions..... Yesterday it was touching 8666 & failing to hold today we have witnessed 8520 ..... whether it is news based or whatever... the point I would like to strengthen is - the power of chart and technical...!

Well. What next - As I previously explained in my post - It would be nice if we can see 8420-8450 level , at least this time, so that any upward movement will lead to Life time breaking 9000+....

In this week, there could be an impact globally due to U.S elections.... but I feel there could be a sudden bounce back towards 8666 - 8786 zone , once again ...!


Information to Investors friends :

There was a miserable failure in settling the dues , before Deepavali - I was over confident about a receipt of big payment - that was supposed to be received just before Diwali - was somehow not thru... Also, there was some unexpected disturbance at the back up source also...! 

It will be settled in this week to all , as per the dues.....! Whatever be the reasons, it is unfair to ask for excuses.....Sorry for the disappointment ....! 

In addition the fund expected to be cleared by today / tomorrow -  Today , the moment NIFTY touched 8520 - I have closed a major holdings .... which is more than enough to settle the complete dues.....! This amount will be available for use partially tomorrow & fully by Friday..! So, it will be thru once for all...!

Personally for me - it is some of what not a favourable time - for the last 3 to 4 months... but with HIS grace, market recovery was completely done , but still there are some hiccups, I am sure it will be thru completely in a week / 10 days time.....  

(Magam natchathiram - By seeing our CM's situation, I am considering myself fortunate. It is just mental stress , sustainable to a larger extent...  When a powerful CM , strong believer of Astro & God suffers this much for the last 30 can imagine other poor guys...... More than the matching star, there are more planets resemblance with her horoscope)  Haa...! A terrible one month....but it's OK ... It 's time to be cautious.... It may look like a boring journey if things go on smooth always...... New challenges & New bar raising....!

Yeah...I know there will be a great come back..... ! HE knows what I deserve...! 
& I am sure, we can continue the journey without any big troubles till 2020...!

My sincere thanks to all - for your patience and support in this bad patch...! I do not want to face this kind of situation ...again....!

Apart from the existing withdrawal requests , if any body is willing to go for final settlement - please inform me by this Friday - so that It will be settled between 10th & 15th November..... !

Afterwards, I request you not to forward any withdrawal requests - till December / Pongal as I am gearing up for STM settlement...! After Pongal, it can be at any time, as per your need - with 7 to 10 days advance intimation..


For the mail requests on new opportunity ( Important info - post )  - I have replied to all - if you have sent the request and not been replied , you may please revert back....!

The first batch is opened as of now ,  but it can not be open ended / there could be revision in % in the next batch...! So, if you are interested , you may act upon swiftly....!

Will catch you tomorrow...!

With kind regards,



  1. Thank you so much Rishi sir for updates and information!!!!

  2. Thanks for the detailed update....

    ஈசனின் திருவிளையடல்!.......

    ஓம் சிவ சிவ ஓம்....

  3. Hi Rishi sir,
    I have not received mail from you sir. Request you please send the details.


  4. Dear Rishi Sir... We are always with you... HE is with us... We will achieve our goal surely... It is getting delay... But good things always comes after big struggles.... Let's continue our journey..... Thank you for all......

  5. Thanks for the detailed update Rishi Sir.

  6. ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...ॐ...

  7. Dear sir,

    நம்பினோர் கெடுவதில்லை. எப்படிப்பட்ட சூழ்நிலையிலும் தங்களுடன் இருக்க என் போன்றவர்கள் உடனிப்போம்.

    வேணுகோபால் மாரிமுத்து மும்பை.

  8. நம்பினோர் கெடுவதில்லை. எப்படிப்பட்ட சூழ்நிலையிலும் தங்களுடன் இருக்க என் போன்றவர்கள் உடனிப்போம்


    True words.. We and our prayers are always there for you Ayya...