Monday, 7 November 2016

STM & 5Y33K update.....!

Dear Friends, Good morning

We have closed the STM entries today & the positions got closed at INR 26485/- per unit.....!
There can be one more updation in this week, as market is prepared for heavy volatility......!

Also, for 5Y33k scheme - I am adding 10% profit with today's input date.... (7th Nov,2016) 
The previous one was on Oct,17th.....

Investors are required to update your records also........

Based on the US election results , I am expecting a huge swing , can be on both sides......!

We will have to wait and watch whether we are going to see breaking 8400 or Coming back to 8786 zone......!

We may not able get enough support from the indicators, as movement will be sensitive on news based.....

8377 - 8440 - 8521 - 8666 - 8777 will be the key levels watch.....!


Based on the mail sent to you - on new opportunity - whoever was willing - if any one is interested, requested to act upon quickly..... There can be a revision in % downwards, if the batch is closed...... As of now , it is opened for the same percentage..... I may close the first batch in a week - If I am able to hit a six, in this week movement.....! Assume that 11.11.2016 will be the cut-off for first batch.....!

The second batch may not have the same %...... so do not feel bad later.....!
Its a kind of early bird privilege.....!


Catch you soon , if there is any change in technical indicators signal....!!!

With kind regards,



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