Tuesday, 17 January 2017

God's grace....!!!

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Dear Friends, Good evening

With god's grace, I am completely coming out of the crisis in this week by Friday - I mean it  completely....!!!
Considering so many factors, and the real happenings in and around us - It would have not been much better than this current situation.....!!!

Once again it was perfectly destined...! Nothing else to say on this... I never thought before that I also had to face this kind of situation and to go through this kind of activity... but without any much hiccups, though there was  lot of agony, we are ending up on the positive side.... that too with full strength...!!!!

No doubt, there was lot of expectations / failure and many more things hard to digest....!!!

But sincerely, my royal salute to all of you who kept your nerves and shown your biggest trust on me...! Without any doubt , we are continuing further ....! 

My sincere appreciation for all you friends, whoever sincerely following up very decently... Thank you for maintaining the fire on belly kind of pressure..... Don't worry please....  I am open for the dues clearance as well as the settlement, if at all you lost your trust..... Please give me 3 to 4 weeks time... there will be no account transfer process, but will be on cash settlement....!!!

I always used to worry on the friends, who never bothered to respond for any messages - but this time, it was just amazing, I used to get many responses - something similar to , " Don't worry Sir, We are with you......" Just thrilled.... fully matured investors.....!!!

Whatever the result may be, if you are having the full trust on that I have been trying my best, for our team's betterment, I request you sincerely that you please be associated with me for next 2-3 years....!!! But, please be informed that, whenever there was any possibility to transfer, I did... Now the situation is something unimaginable... already served notice from IT thrice....that too  for online transfers , which I had to do as there was no other choice...... I sincerely feel that certain things need not to be told , as I don't want to panic you guys.....

Imagine a Simple individual savings / current account, who has to perform transfers for more than 350 accounts - even if I make Rs. 10,000/- an average, it will be 35 Lacs ..... that too in this demonetisation period... but still it was done..... for many of our friends - reasons something beyond emergency......!!!

OK. let's forget a while, what went past...!!!

Even if you have 0.01% fear, I would kindly request to put forth your request to opt for full and final settlement.... No doubt , it was one of the toughest phases in my life time, but I don't want to you all to bear my burden , for my own inefficacy, by whatever means.....

I love to get plenty of requests for withdrawals , even it can exceed 80% of the capital, but I am still confident that within 3-4 months , I can comeback with full force again to take care of the remaining  investors , to their fullest assured amount of investment + profits....!!!


I will be out of station till Thursday midnight - and will be back to Ranipet on Friday morning. Very limited access to mobile...... I leave to to your choice whoever opting settlement, please send in your request any day , by March end - Don't hesitate for a second - at the end of the day - Business has to be a business....!!!! I love to travel with only those guys who can associate with me  and can tolerate with me...!!!!! It is a kind of multi level filtering, which I can understand at this moment, is purely HIS wish...!!!

Bye for now,
See you all back on Friday.... of course when NIFTY is all set for a giant leap, in the coming sessions.....!!!!

With kind regards,


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  1. Thank you so much Rishi Sir!! for your kind updates and information!!!!

  2. Sir, we are with you. Go head.Our aim is to reach Everest. Shri Arunachela will be with us always

  3. Rishi ji,
    சோதனை என்பது எல்லோருடைய வாழ்விலும் வந்து செல்லும்,,, சோதனை வந்தால்தான் வாழ்கையை ருசிக்கமுடியும் ...Take care,,, With HIS Blessings Always.....

  4. இறைவன் அருள் என்றென்றும் நமக்கு கிடைக்க பிரார்த்திக்கும்......

    மா வேணுகோபால் மும்பை.

  5. Hi Rishi,
    Good to see you back after moving boulders into stepping stones.
    Best wishes.

  6. Aum sir
    We have Faith on Annanamalaiyar and his grace
    So nothing to worry and everything will go in correct path
    He will solve every struggles in the path
    Go ahead sir
    Thiruannamalaiyare pottri
    Suresh Kumar R

  7. Sir. I have 200% confident with our travel with zero fear. I am waiting for our grand success.thanks to god for the toughest period which give the real strength and real human beings with u.

  8. Nice to read rishi sir.... Great news.... வரணும் பழைய பன்னீர்செல்வமா வரணும்.... ✌✌

  9. i am simply amazing why there is no comments so far for the mesg. Any way i am supporting you

  10. ரிஷி சார்,
    அண்ணாமலையார் அருளால் மீண்டும் பழைய நிலையை விட, மேம்பட்ட நிலையை அடைந்து சிகரத்தை தொடுவீர்கள் உங்கள் மீது அதிக நம்பிக்கை உள்ளது.

    வாழ்க வளமுடன்

  11. Dear Sir,

    Annamalai's blessings always there for you. Keep going and one day our dreams become true.

  12. Hi Rishi Sir NIFTY already achieved giant leap within matter of 3 weeks after your message. What's next for NIFTY? We want to see your update and want to know when STM & 5Y33K status will be updated to the group.
    வாழ்க வளமுடன்..