Monday, 27 February 2017

Thank you all...!

Dear Friends , Good morning

With reference to my previous post about the crisis situation,  I have been receiving responses from many friends.... My sincere thanks to all of you whoever sending remittances..... 
It is a very timely favour, as there are two issues which needs to be sorted out today itself, unfortunately.... I am sure it will be done  - with all your support and I am also making arrangements .....
But, still not crossed the half way mark..... Whoever is seeing the message today & can make any transfers today, please do it....

& As I have mentioned, this amount will be returned back by 4th March, Saturday.- without fail...!
I have also decided to close all the positions I have in the market - but still this amount can be made available only on 1st March - as a back up..... We will have to struggle to bring it back to Market , but there is no other option - if we are not thru resolving these issues today..... I hope, situation will not go to that extent....

In a hurry now & will catch you up later tomorrow.....!!!! 

Thank you..!

With kind regards,


Edit 1 : As of 27th Feb,2017 - Evening 6.00 P.M - I am still at 70% mark of the required funds.....
If some more can lend your support, it will be helpful..... Please try your best. The amount will be returned back to you , by 4th March, Saturday....
Thanks for your understanding and support....
Some of you can send your SIP amount in advance , if possible..... Please try your best.... I need to come out of this crisis today.....!!! Thanks !


Edit 2 :  As of 1st March, morning 9.15 AM -  Issue is not fully sorted out - I am still short by about 8 to 10% ..... If any of you can still do something, you may please.... I will send you back any moment after Thursday within Saturday....!
Having confidence that it will be completely thru today....!!!

My heartiest thanks to all of our group members  - supported in this high emergency situation..... Also, my own amount - the much awaited -  pending for a long time, is expected by today / tomorrow...... It will be the biggest relief after 2 days.... !!! Lets hope for the best !


Edit 3 : With all HIS grace and your support - the issue is sorted out. Though it is not 100% thru, but is fairly better....
I am paying back the amount received in the last week - from today. By tomorrow it will be credited to your account..... Thank you all.....!!!

I will make a detailed post on Wednesday - with all other updates....!


  1. இந்த கடினமான சூழ்நிலையில் உதவ இயலாமையை எண்ணி வருந்துகிறேன் சார். அண்ணாமலையார் கை கொடுப்பார் சார். சோதனைகள் எல்லாம் சாதிப்பதற்கே. இயன்ற நண்பர்கள் உதவும்படி அன்புடன் வேண்டுகிறன்.

  2. With his blessings , we will surely come out of this situation !!
    Jai Shree Ram....Hara Hara Magadeva...

  3. Hi Rishi Sir good to see you managed the problem. We are waiting for STM & Dheepam 5Y33k updates...