Thursday, 20 April 2017

Nifty's trend for the day (20th April,2017)

Dear Friends, Good morning

Nifty is set for a make or break move.....!!! I am getting numerous requests to predict on Nifty's trend....... !!! Whenever possible, I will surely provide....!!!

As we are having expiry in the next week - The following key levels may be helpful whoever trading / learning market....

This is purely based on my Tech indicators & my trading knowledge...!!! Let's watch out how precise the move is going to be in the coming days...!!!!

Short term range level :    9120.30 to 9144.10

On the higher side levels to watch for : 9211.40  & 9259.40
On the lower side levels to watch for : 9053.30  & 9005.80

Have a nice day !!!

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  1. Thanks for updates sir ...................
    வெற்றிகளை சந்தித்தவன் இதயம்
    பூவை போல் மென்மையானது
    தோல்வியை மட்டுமே சந்தித்தவன்
    இரும்பை விட வலிமையானது