Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Nifty's trend - STM & other updates

Dear Friends, Good morning

In my earlier post dated 3rd April, I have indicated that Nifty is set for a trending move with pivot made on 9212...!
Though most of the time it was revolving around in this range for these 2 weeks time, high made was 9274 - around 62 points &  9160 range - roughly 62 points on downside....!!!
My indicators are aligned now and showing the signal of Pivot shifted to 9120 ....!!!

Yesterday closing was made just below 9120 ..... which is the indication for correction up to 8960 is possible.....!!!

Overall the trend is showing now 8960 - 9280 a width of 320 points....!!!

But keep in mind that new time cycle is starting from today...... So the next couple of resistance - support hitting will give us a hint that whether we are going to witness the upward / downward trend...!!!

As long as 8960 is intact , we can see the steep bounce back....!!!  There could be further move towards 9280 - 9400-9520 range....!!!
If 8920 is broken there could be a correction upto 8500 zone....!!!

STM Entry :

I am not making any hasty move for the latest STM entry...! because of Time cycle Trending move...!!!  No need to worry ! This will fetch us a good results...!!!


Settling dues :
Please be informed that I am sincerely trying to clear the dues, at the earliest possible time.....

Closed a portion from the market & settled the OD limit . I promised for March closing , but that was delayed by a week & Now it is enhanced & it can be used for clearing the critical & Misc dues in a couple of days, per sure in this week.

Mobilising the funds from other local sources & Also my own money which was pending for the last 4 months..... So We are into the last climax hours of settling the dues...... As promised, a major portion will be settled by April end & balance in May. I request you to keep patience for a short while. I know you have been supporting for many months in this crucial time & keeping calm.... but I need few more days time please..... If I get a call - it goes for 2 / 3 minutes - 5 are in call waiting.. continuously.... (!).... If 30 to 50 people start calling - It goes to 4 hours.........!!!! In a day 100 calls - 2 minutes each goes to 3 hours +... Sometimes in market opening / closing hours also...!!!

Instead of doing any actionable work - follow up with bankers / trading hours , It only adds further pressure on me - when I am already facing the heat from all the directions ...... The same answer repeatedly...... makes me to feel really not good.

For Dues reminder - kindly SMS / WhatsApp me....!!! Unless it is really emergency - only for dues reminder - please avoid calling me.....!!! It is really embarrassing for me to skip/avoid calls / not calling you back.....!!! Some of them keep on calling me during call waiting .... just spare a thought that few more guys are doing the same....!!!

If the amount is ready for allocation , I assure you without your follow up , it will be done in minutes....!!! If it was not there, whether you call me or not there is no use of it...!!! It does not mean that the you can get the amount only after your follow up.... I am calculating one by one and will set it full and final....!!!

To never face this kind of situation again only, I have decided to reduce the team size as much as possible....!!! Only for those highly needy / deserving may continue, otherwise I have absolutely no issue to settle full and final...!!! 
Due to the pressure situation , it may be delayed, but don't worry it will be done as committed , without a single penny less than the commitment as on the settlement date....!!!

One way, I am thankful to this crisis for making me to be stronger & improve on my emotional intelligence level...!!!

But be assured that situation is being improved a lot , though I am feeling the pressure peak, It is still manageable....! But due to timeline pressure efforts go in vain..! I have decided to handle the whole issue , without time pressure.

I have been operating with 8 different trading accounts....only 3 bulk is untouched. Closed the positions from other 5 accounts, for clearing OD irregularities & misc settlements. Already due to high withdrawals there was a set back from September, as got a hit from market also that time.....So, decided not to touch these 3 accounts - to bring it back to normal level and recover the loss fully. Also I am confident that the present situation can be managed with local sources / OD limit & we need not to wind up those three also. Once, it is done - even if we get the amount after 2 / 3 months, it will not be easy to bring it again to our account that much easily, like earlier due IT issues. It will completely affect the long term goal for all of us who are going to be with us till year 2019/2020 ...!!!!

I thought of elaborating this much may create unsecured feeling, and tried to avoid it....!!! Kindly have the feeling that We are like a single family members... There are 300 direct - may approx - 1000 indirect investors / families have been benefited - so far - by united as a group....!!! 

Let us be together & stay calm till we complete the settlement by May end fully....!!! Wherever possible to handle the crisis through your local sources, please handle it for next few more days.... It doesn't mean that it will be settled at the end of May - By any moment , it will be set right fully......!!!  I have also sought help from a big source & few of my well wishers to lend financial assistance for just one month time - till er close down the emergency cases fully.....Expecting any moment....! So by all directions, now we can see the ray of light ...! My request is not to get panic...!Each vibration pass on to the whole group...!!! No more negative feelings / negative vibrations please....!!! We have never done anything harm, we never intend to so... By thinking good only we have initiated this - as an additional support....!!!! 

Thinking positive & believing on divine force on good time is easy. We need to think and be positive even on toughest time.... I am sure HE will not let us down.....!!! We are all united for a cause , which is unknown... But be assured that gloomy days are getting over with HIS grace!

My next update will be really with a big relief news / I will call you to check on accounts / dues for clearing .....!

With kind regards,



  1. Good afternoon ji,
    We are here to support you ji...

    May He shower all His blessings on us.
    It's true that one should wait until the situation is clear.

    Waiting has two ways..,one is with nervous and other one is with patience...
    Patience pays always... And that is the only way to keep calm ourselves and others too...
    Ji, we are here to support you,
    You will come out of this bad situation and going to swirl the winning sword more fiercely...

  2. Thanks for the detailed information sir...

  3. Please Take care Jii. We are all with you, take your own time to settle. Thanks for all your effort in making us rich. Sometimes it will happen like this, but the good times are coming. We will reach the goal!!! Ram from Madurai.

  4. நல்லதே நடக்கும் ஓம் நமசிவாய ஓம்

  5. Thank you very much for updating us. All the best for your efforts.