Wednesday, 5 April 2017

STM - April 01st Entry

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

As mentioned in my previous post, Today starting the April series - STM...!!!

Just taken the position , few lots only - just for a formality :

NIFTY APR 9300 CE @Rs. 82.50 

NIFTY MAY 9100 PE @ Rs. 81.50

Combo combined total : Rs. 164.00 

NIFTY Spot at 9250.......!!!


I will update you after exit...... as the signals indicating a trigger quickly.

Some of the mails, whoever requested to transfer to new STM are considered and I will send you mail confirmation.

Entries are open till Friday....!!! Whoever wants to transfer from existing balance, can be done....
Whoever wants to initiate fresh remittance - you are welcome.....!!!
As the market is in a good position, and ready for a trigger - we can expect a decent margin in this month.....!!!
The invested amount with profit will be settled on 5th /6th / 7th May.....
Entries restricted only upto 5th April...!

With kind regards,



  1. Hallo Sir, Vanakkam. Dheepam, 5y33k, Suraksha are the best schemes for the people like us. These schemes are verymuch helpful fou our long term Kanavukal, achievement, like our kids education, giving them a best future, etc., etc., So kindly run these schemes. Pls dont close these schemes. Kindly consider this request sir. Thanks.

    1. Yes Rishi...I agree with this. Please run the long term schemes as committed before...we are patiently waiting for ours and yours dreams become true in year 2019/2020 with hope and trust.