Wednesday, 5 April 2017

STM & Other dues clearance Update...!!!!

Dear Friends, Good morning

As I have indicated in my previous post, I am settling off the STM at Rs. 35,105/- per unit. I thought of stretching it further with few more attempts..... but decided to wind up it as of now , and thinking to restart again with Rs. 10,000.....!!! 

I am clearing within 5 lacs list in this week & More than 5 lacs from Monday onwards....!!! Whoever wants to retain / Carry forward may please put in your request......

I am mentioning here not only about the STM - all Dheepam and Suraksha and other pending dues also.... Based on the recent follow ups / critical situation, I am prioritising and settling it.....!!!
As there was a big list of pending in dues clearance, there could be a delay, as I am clearing one by one..... Please keep patience and I am thankful to all of you for your greatest patience and support during this toughest period for the last few months......

OK, Let the action gets started....!!!


I have also decided to wind up all the schemes - one by one , individually I will speak with you and tell you the commitment date and settle it..... It will be within 3 to 4 months time, sometimes closer to the current SIP settlement time.....!!!  It will be settled as I have committed so far.... So nothing to worry...!!!!


After that there will be only one scheme.....!!!  only STM....!!! I am modifying the STM completely....!!!

It will be on monthly settlement basis....!!!

The buying price and closing price will be displayed - as soon as we enter & close - like how we have done for STM so far.....!!!

It will not be accumulated for one full year...!!!

At the end of each month - Profit will be settled and We will restart again with Rs, 10,000/- per unit...!!! I do not want to include in between period for buying and selling....!!! 

Entry will be opened for two/three days only...!!! Monthly 5th / 6th / 7th
Every month settlement will be on 5th / 6th / 7th of next month 

Entries - Only for the existing members..... I do not want to include even a single new member in the future.....!!! Once the entry date is closed, members can join only in the next month series only.....!!!

Trading will be done as we used to for one month...!!! Suppose if reach 12,500 / 15000 or whatever be the amount - It will be settled fully / only the profit as you request....!!! I am working on it further....!!!

Being a auspicious day, I am starting it the formal April series exactly at 1.45 p.m..... Dhasami starts from 1.43 p.m. and Poosam star upto 1.47 p.m ....!!!
Starting the trade today - April series - New STM concept...!!! I will update you soon..!!!

This will be continued even after SAKRUTAYA registration also....!!! 


For any clarifications / details please mail me....!!!

With Annamalaiyar's blessings , Let us rock on STM once again....!!!

We need to forget the past bad memories and learn only lessons and have to move ahead...!!!

There may be big dis-appointment / opinion / suggestions / big relief for many of you ......!!!  I would like to hear from you .... welcoming the feed back...!!!

With kind regards,



  1. thanks for update sir..............

  2. Dear Rishi,

    Wish you all the best and i know you can do it.


  3. ஓம் சிவ சிவ ஓம்....

  4. Thanks a lot for the update Rishi sir. Good to see STM update and settlement.Good to see you are closing all the schemes and keeping STM only. __வாழ்க வளமுடன்...

  5. Happy to see this encouraging message on this Ramnavami day...
    Good decision to continue with only one scheme!!
    With his grace , STM will shine again..
    Jai Shree Ram !!

  6. Rishi Jii, I think you have taken a good decision in keeping only STM. Previously I am not in STM, I am in DHEEPAM, SURAKSHA and 5y33K schemes only. How much you are going to settle and how i can transfer the amount to STM, please advise. Thanks for all your help. Sorry if any way we have disturbed you in the last one year. Hope to get advise from your end.
    Ram from Madurai

  7. Rishi ji,
    We will rock once again with HIS blessing's ,,, take care...

  8. Thank you for the update sir but what about SAKRUTAYA registration ... waiting for long time ...