Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Akshaya Tritiyai - New batch....till 2020 ...!!!

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

I know many of you might have anticipated updates on AT day ( 28th April - 29th April ) - some of you for the settlement part / some for the Investment part....Some may be for the special homam we do on Akshaya Tritiyai day. 

AT is always special for us...!

Infact, last year I promised that this year it would be performed in my native place. Though I could get on opportunity to do a special abhisekam at Temple itself,  I could not perform any special homam this year.... A close ally met with an unfortunate accident on last Friday evening and I cancelled the plan of Saturday early morning Homam .... !!! Had to switch off the mobile on Sunday-Monday. & tried to divert my mind on some other ways....! No one knows what is destined...!!! Its OK.... Life is always a mystery!

Meanwhile, I have been getting mails / calls from numerous old investors from April 14th onwards -enquiring on any special batch for AT......  Though I had some plans, but I was not willing to start / announce before the old settlement is cleared 100% ...... 

On dues clearance part, It was not happened as I expected. Very few misc emergency dues only I cleared in the past few weeks..... I was expecting the bigger funds from Three major sources & finally from one , I am getting the break through today !!! The other two also should get thru max by this Thursday / Friday....!!! But be assured that this ONE amount is also enough to clear all the critical / urgent & whoever is following up - dues completely.... !!! To be frank, I can say after nearly 7 months - I am getting this much big relief now...!!!

So, till I get the confidence confirmation on funds release,  I decided not to announce anything on AT batch....!!! But this time , I have completely modified the concept of hefty returns on quick time.... Instead of that very nominal returns on a monthly basis - but on a very fixed date - similar to what we had Dheepam batch till few months ago....!!! 

After considering so much factors, I have formulated the scheme ......

Akshaya Tritiyai - ( AT III years )

Scheme opens from today till 10th May - Wednesday Evening.....!!!
Investment amount :  Minimum amount is Rs. 10,000/- 
Max : in multiples of Rs. 10,000 /- no limit

Monthly returns on 10th of Every month : 6% of invested amount.  ( only 6% --- Yes it is 6% only)
That is 600 rupees per month for each Rs. 10,000/-

Scheme period ends on 10th April - 2020 ( 15 days before AT 2020 which falls on 26th April,2020)

Settlement Amount : 2 Times of your investment amount. -That is Rs. 20,000 for your each 10,000
Settlement date of your capital + Addnl bonus will be on or before : 10th April , 2020 .

In between the scheme period, if any one wants to opt for settlement - only capital amount will be returned back..... No additional bonus on pro-rate basis will be given...!!!

After 10th May,2017 - there is no top up / no new Entries are allowed.....!!!
I don't want to get confused for whatever reasons.... There will be like a standing instructions to the bank..... 

Unless like our earlier AT batches, I don't want to restrict with only 48 members, but restricting with the dates & It is not open for all.....!!! Kindly mail me  ( Editor@livingextra.com) -  get the confirmation from me for account details & then you can remit the amount please.....!!!

Send the mail with the subject : AT III years 

Scheme is strictly opened upto 10th May,2017 - as I am sure that I can settle the dues completely to avoid Transfer entry from settlement amount....!!!

Compare to our earlier schemes, returns may look very nominal..... For a simple reason that I don't want to fail on commitment dates..... It will be either on 10th of every month / the next immediate bank working day....!!! 

Secondly, a very big investor has proposed this scheme with the similar returns with 5 years duration... Here for our group members - I am settling it within 3 years itself.... 

Third, it is not for big investors & big investment ---- Mainly for small and medium investors only.... That's why I am getting the mails prior to investment.....!!!  This will give a big relief to those who were shocked on Full and final settlement of the schemes in my previous posts....!!!

In case, if you need more information / clarification - please feel free to contact me thru mail : Editor@livingextra.com  / Whatsapp 9629047748.

Wish you all your dreams come true - whether it's jewels / house / car / land - by AT 2020 day (26th April,2020 )

Sincerely praying Annamalaiyar to make this batch in a successful and disciplined manner....!!!

With kind regards,


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