Thursday, 18 May 2017

Nifty's range as of 18th May,2017 status

Dear Friends, Good morning

Well, there was a steep raise upto 9530 zone.....!!!
My indicators are indicating one more roller coaster ride.....!!!

9260 - 9310 still playing the major support level.....
9610-9635 will play as the resistance level.

The following are the Key levels to watch for in the coming few sessions.

On the upper side - there will be slow movement :

9511.90 - 9536.30 - 9560.70 - 9585.20 - 9609.70

On the lower side - There will be rapid fall...!

9448.30 - 9399.70 - 9351.20 - 9263.40

 Have a great May Series...!!!

With kind regards,



Friday, 12 May 2017

Nifty's range as of 12th May,2017 status

Dear Friends, Good morning

There is a smooth shift on our Pivot on upper side this 9310 level....!!!

My indicators are showing the range of 9560 on upper side. & 9060 on lower side....!!!

Its likely to be in the range of 9350 to 9450 zone for a while....!!!

Overall the mode is on upbeat - bust consolidation can happen in the range of 9310 - 9260 range & if
it's happened we are likely to witness 9600 zone in the coming days....!!!

Have a great May Series....!!!

With kind regards,