Monday, 12 June 2017

Nifty's trend (12th June,2017)

Dear Friends, Good morning

As per my technical indicators - Nifty's range is aligned between 9260 on lower side & 9840 on higher side.....!!!

Considering some factors, NIFTY is set for consolidation in the range of 9300-9400 before it makes a giant leap towards 10000 level....!!! FIIs are playing a very tricky move & ensure the positive trend is continued ... but once this is withdrawn , we can witness 9260 zone....!!! As long as 9260 is not broken, the positive trend will get continued...!!!

As per my signals  .... 9700 - 9460 - 9580 - 9340 - 9840 is likely to be the pattern...!

You may align your positions accordingly...!!!


I am back at Ranipet - yesterday night ..! Yesterday early morning , near Trichy - had a minor accident on the way to Ranipet - because of a dog..... for us no injuries, nothing to worry - Vehicle got damaged and arranged another car for onward journey..!!! Though it was a shock, Its still horrible to think about those few seconds, somehow my inner feelings say - my bad time is over yesterday itself.....!!! 

So , hopefully by June 15th - as I committed earlier, I should get the big relief...! Let's hope for the best !

With kind regards,



  1. Thanks god for nothing serious happened.Rishi sir As your update Nifty looking to come down soon but before it will go upto 9700 once again. We are positively waiting for big relief news. வாழ்க வளமுடன்..

  2. God Bless You Sir.Om Sivasakthi Om.

  3. Sir,
    These inevitable moments are reported to be happening in our future. Always blessed with almighty Arunachala.

    Om Siva Siva Om

    With regards,
    A.D.Hemanth Kumar