Saturday, 17 June 2017

Quick update

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon !

I promised for 15th June settlement, but there is some delay happened - It is expected on 20th June positively. But one or two part expected on Monday itself. I am trying my best to bring it before banking hours on Monday or else Tuesday it should be reflected in my account. If you are committing to your group members, please commit for Wednesday (21st June) please.
I will ensure there will be no disappointment this time..... For the bulk settlements , I will transfer minimum 25% by next week and weekly minimum 25% thereafter for the next 3 weeks. Other than this source, I am trying through three big sources and if any one is thru, I will settle it completely by month end.....

Thank you all for the patience and support you rendered during this crucial phase. 

Will keep you updated on Monday with a good news !




  1. Om siva siva om .....

    Om siva sakthi om.....

  2. நான் மெதுவாக நடப்பவன்தான்; ஆனால், ஒருபோதும் பின்வாங்குவதில்லை.
    - Abraham Lincoln.

  3. Thanks Anna for update still I believe you 100% and some of our group members have same hope on you. Don't worry for anything anna this is a good lesson for you taught by our almighty to identify good people and only money minded people in our group. I hope Most of members are highly benifited already by you and they are creating panic situation to other group members also.We still understand your situation and waiting with positive hopes.

    Om Shiva Shiva Om

  4. thanks for updating the situation

  5. Thanks for the update Rishi Sir..Your each update gives some hope but end of the day new dates. Hope that the real happy news of transfer will happen coming week. As in Bagavath Geetha how Arjuna was in tramodus pressure and confused state we are also facing such pressure from family( As long as they didn't know our investments no problem)Hope that Krishna in Kaliyuga (Govinda!!) will soon solve the problems..

  6. Thank you for the update sir....

  7. Sir, Kindly Update ...We are waiting for the Good News.....

  8. என்னாச்சு SIR? Any problem