Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Update & info on Our investors meet @ Thiruvannamalai !

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

Finally today market has corrected for 100 points & Its really good sign of relief for me....
I have been holding PUT option for the last 15 days - partially this month & next month PUT.
I am surely going to have some recovery with this movement & looking for some more corrections. Let's hope for the best !

As requested by many of you - I am planning to conduct out first investors meet on 23rd July,2017 - Sunday at Thiruvannamalai - between 10 A.M and 1.00 P.M. I am sure it will be a great chance to meet with you one and all & also you may interact with our fellow group members.
I will inform you the exact location / Mandapam details very soon.

I am choosing this date 23rd July, as I am 100% sure that there will not be any single pending dues to all of you / pending of settlement full and final to any one of you that has been requested.

From tomorrow onwards , there will be sufficient funds flow to my account. I am having appointment tomorrow at Chennai. There will be really a big happy news.  As I promised, depending the emergency / needs / date wise pending - I will start transferring the funds.
Please be informed that in spite of huge loss and recovery is speedy, I will start settling as profit
% committed..... It will not be any penny less than I committed.

I thank each and everyone of you - for standing beside me and rendered your support during my worst phase......  


I am hearing / watching lot of mails shuttling and Whatsapp group messages. Please try to avoid.
Its really the climax hours. Have some patience please.
Before our meet also, I am ready to meet you any of you individually / after market hours or on holidays. But please avoid coming as a group - as it is already a big turmoil here in our office, any further more disturbance will surely create a big tension & I will be asked to vacate the office any moment..... Its about 10 lacs investment for the office set up. That will also go in a single day..... My humble request is not to get panic and keep patience for this last moment. You have been waited for so many days and few more days will help me to get everything set right. I am sure none of you thinks to give trouble me / humiliate me & your intention is only to receive the dues / settlement. 
That will be definitely done...... just a few more days patience please. 

From my company - I am getting relieved by this week end. But there could be three / four days delay - due to GST implmentation. My reliever has joined from June 1st week onwards. So after 1st week of July, I can devote full time for Trading as well as establishing SAKRUTAYA..... 

During our first meet - I can answer you the queries whatever you have in your mind. Looking to meet almost all of you - whoever is going to continue with us atleast for another 1 year.....! I have already planned to reduce the team strength 50% immediately as full and final settlement.

I will update you all the 5Y33K status in the next post.

SIP settlement will happen - as per the dates - from First week of July....!

You can confirm your participation on our meet - by mails - just to know the members participation strength - before 16th July, to arrange for Mandapam / hall - smaller / bigger one accordingly.

Have a great June expiry !

With kind regards,


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