Thursday, 17 August 2017

An urgent appeal to all our group members !!!

Dear Friends, Good Afternoon

It's been a long time updating you all from my previous post. I would like to update you a brief about the settlement & other recent developments. The expected amount from the local finance, is still not credited yet. It's committed for today. But I am sure I will get this amount by this week positively. Let us hope for the best! This will surely give me a temporary relief. Also, by September 2nd, I will get a major fund & this will give me a complete relief.

Whoever is in regular touch with me over phone , know about these details. But still, there are more than 80% group members waiting only for the blog update. So, I thought of sharing to you all.

Please be informed that with this first receipt - I am going to settle maximum possible , based on the emergency and need case by case. When the second receipt is effected, it will be settled fully to all whoever opted for settlement.


The last 2/3 weeks passed really terribly & there are some extreme emergency cases, but still unsolved. I am sure, my bad time is over and I am coming back strongly & sure by another 2 to 3 months It will be again the glorious time for us better than the situation of 1 year back period.

For which, I again need all of our group members support. Only with the funds coming, I can not resolve all the issues. I need to rotate the amount as much as possible in the market, so that I can earn a bit more and quickly resolve the issues.

If you observe the recent NIFTY trend, from 10100 - 9700 & again towards 10020+ , We could have easily multiplied the money 3 to 4 times . But unfortunately, due to peak pressure on settlement and to mobilise the funds, I could not make use of this opportunity.

If you all can support, whatever be the way - It will be helpful for your own & all to the entire group members. For your own means - to settle the amount as per the profit committed % , instead of reducing it. Also, you can support by delaying your receipt , if its not emergency, for few weeks time.
Whoever is having some surplus amount for next 2 months time & can transfer to me - will give me a huge advantage.

I am sure all of you friends are still having the confidence on me fully & I will settle it to all of you at the earliest.

Let us forget a while , whatever happened recently  - Group mails / Whatsapp chat etc etc. I have not intentionally avoided any transfers by having money. It's almost dragged me to the final stage. But Surely with some minimum amount we can quickly come back to the track. I need this additional support for ONLY ONE MONTH time. I will certainly return it back with not minimum 12% additional profit. I am sure with the current trend in the market, I can easily earn 25 to 30% in this one month period. This will give me a huge strength, by that time I can also get my bigger money.

I hope all of you can understand the situation and support me for one last time. Whatever money transferred in this next couple of days will be settled within 30 days with 12% additional profit.
Even few thousands / lacs can give me a big big support. But , I need this support from all the group members - except from few members who are already in deep crisis. In that case, at least 90% of members can help. Amount can be transferred to any one of accounts - which you have already sent earlier.

Please look for the possibility of  minimum 5 to 10% of your invested capital amount / more than that if possible - so that this can completely safeguard my previous losses and with this additional generated money after one month settlement - can give me 10% of original capital amount - which can be handy enough to bring back everything in the next 3 month time as much as possible.

I hope I have clearly explained. The situation is very much alarming. Instead of worrying / panicking on the current situation, one last chance from all our group members can give me a big breathing. I have no regret / shame to request to our team members - instead of getting for huge interest from various local finance persons  - I feel its better to get the support from our own family.

I leave it to you all to judge and I am sincerely expecting this greatest support from all our group members. Apart from this settlement, I will be thankful to you forever till life time, whoever is supporting me this time. Like Chennai relief fund , it can be treated as our own group relief fund....
If any new members willing to lend their support, can mail me to for further details......... For the new members , I commit minimum 15% profit - with one month settlement time.

This has nothing to do with the current settlement - ongoing process , which will happen as promised - after this receipt.

Situation is not good , but surely Its not too late to stand up & set things right - with our own internal strength. Hope all of you agree with my opinion and support me as much as possible......!!!

Every seconds/ minutes are important , I kindly request all you to react immediately, for the sake of our own group.....! If I am doing well, then I promise all of our group members financial health is secured. I am not in a situation to mind again few comments / whatsapp chat from few friends - but please try your best and help me ------- 

If negative publicity was not initiated, I am sure the further fund flow could have helped me to avoid many problems. Now at this moment, A girl is child is struggling for life, gasping for breath , for just 2 or 3 lacs need. Its not exaggerated statement. Real fact. It's in Mumbai hospital. Mr. Siddharth , (one of our well known - long term investors) & myself are trying our best to arrange the funds today itself...... !!! Request all of your sincere prayer and support ! 

Kindly be assured that your each penny of investment is precious and priceless - to bring back to us to normalcy.....   

We are literally running out of time . I am sure I can stop complete damage very quickly........!!!

Let us pray for the Almighty to shower HIS blessings much more this time.....!!!

With kind regards,



  1. We are all really pray for the Girl Child!!! Let her get all the help first to save the life...

    We know the current situation is not at all good, we sincerely pray for our group to come out of this crisis....

    Happy to note Sep 2 - Third target date, which not very far, Hope atleast we can get amount by that date....

  2. நிச்சயம் அந்த குழந்தை நலமுடன் வீடு திரும்புவார்,இது ஆண்டவனின் திருவிளையாடல்.
    நம்மை சோதிக்க ,,, _/\_

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