Monday, 21 August 2017

Daily profit scheme till Deepavali.....! New special batch !

Dear Friends , Good morning !

My inner feelings say strongly that we are coming out of this crisis situation today itself!

With HIS grace, we are coming back very strongly.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I am expecting the funds today , which will give us a temporary relief. I will update you after receipt.Today on this holy Amavasai day & first Somavaram of Aavani month - I pray sincerely the almighty to give us enough strength, to bring back everything into normal mode.

Special scheme :

Like we did in previous years, I am launching a special scheme till DEEPAVALI , that comes on 18th October,2017..... This time it will not be like cumulative returns. Profit will be settled on daily basis only for the trading days. That is Monday to Friday. On trading holidays it will not be paid out. 
We have two holidays in between. 25th Aug,2017 - Ganesh Chaturthi & 2nd Oct- Gandhi jayanthi.

Let me explain the full scheme  ( DEEPAVALI 2017) details. 

Scheme starts on 21st August , 2017

Ends on 12th October,2017 ( Thursday ) - a day before DIWALI holidays start.

So, we have active 38 trading days....... 

For all these trading days, I will pay you out 0.75% profit  everyday - before 6.00 P.M to your account.

On 12th October - your full amount will be settled back 100% - before 6.00 P.M
So, it comes 28 to 28.5% as your profit for your investment.

For those, who make more than 1 Lac investment - an additional 5% will be settled on the settlement day......... 

So, if anybody is making 1 Lac investment in this scheme today - Till 12th October , barring Saturday and Sundays - he will be getting Rupees 750/- on all the weekdays & on 12th Oct, I will settle as Rs. 105,000/- Its roughly 33% - nearly 1/3rd profit within 8 weeks time....!

Hope the scheme is understood well & for any clarifications you may mail me....!

I assure this amount will not be diverted for any other purpose & purely for market rotation only. Its high risky - but surely its possible. I also feelthat I can earn a decent margin on daily basis. The more amount is generated, with the additional profit I make on each day, I can also quickly restructure our system back & support all our schemes.

More you react quickly - can fetch you a decent margin of 25 to 30% in just 8 weeks time ..... I wish you all the best....!!!

Amount can be sent to any of my accounts , which you have already added in your beneficiary list....! If not having readily, mail me to

Let this Deepavali bring us enormous prosperity !

With kind regards,

=================Edit 1 : For those who invest more than 1 lacs rupees - to be eligible for additional 5% profit - investment should be made on or before 25th Aug,2017. For later date investments only the invested amount will be settled on 12th Oct. 

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  1. Very good scheme Rishi sir..hope that coming Deepavali will light many people's life.. hoping old pending dues will also cleared and all the group members will celebrate Deepavali happily.