Friday, 18 August 2017

Need your support..... Please !

Dear Friends, Good morning !

I am still having the confidence that from our group members - at least few are kind enough to understand the situation & lend your support !

The child is really in critical condition . Humble request to send the amount whatever possible......It is fully on returnable basis any moment within a month.

I am sure the Almighty will not let us down in this crucial time !

Today, one amount is expected in my account also - from the financier. But every minute is important for us.

Request you to act swiftly - if anybody is willing.....! I expect the kind courtesy from all the members - even few hundreds / thousands whatever possible...... If anyone is having bigger amount - I am ready to give it back within 10 to 15 days with proportionate additional margin.....!

Matter is really , really critical..... ! Need your support please...!

With kind regards,

18th Aug,2017 - 12.00 Noon

Update at 2.55 P.M

Still, there is no proper response from the group members. On a positive side, I am thinking still many of them have not read the message. I still strongly have the confidence that for this kind of crisis situation, all will come forward & lend support as much as possible...... !!! So far only three members made the remittance..... Still hoping for the best !

Update at 3.20 P.M - Another one person sent just now. So far, only 4 persons.
My sincere thanks to all four friends !

19th Aug,2017 - 12.30 P.M
Out of 300 members , so far only 7 have shown mercy..... I request all other members, barring those who are in deep crisis, look for the possibility to contribute whatever possible........ Situation is much more alarming......!!! I strongly believe we can come out of the crisis.....!!!

Update at 3.30 pm

Believe me, I am here not to cheat any one.., I am deeply hurt on this kind of behavior from the group members. I am 100% sure that we are all united for some reasons.... Whether it is karma or fate.... I want to save this kid. I want to come out of this crisis... Can you please do your best?

Update on 21st Aug, 11.00 A.M
Luckily there are few more remittances received. My sincere thanks to all the friends, whoever made remittances in this crucial time. The fact is we still need more amount. Total required is approx 3.0 Lacs. I pray the almighty to make sure that other members also read this message well in time, today itself......

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